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What makes your apartment feel like home?

Is it your big screen TV? Your precious Ikea furniture that took you hours to build? Or your family photos capturing the best moments in life? Did you know that your landlord’s insurance policy doesn’t cover your personal belongings? Everything you handpicked and worked hard for could be gone an instant. Insurance Spot is your online personal insurance broker that will find you the right protection.

Personalized coverage for your unique lifestyle needs.

Our tenant’s policies are personalized for your particular needs. That way you know you’re paying for the coverage you want. Get coverage for your personal property in the event it’s stolen, accidentally damaged or destroyed. You could also have financial protection if you injure someone else or damage their property. The Customization packages include:

  • Worry Free Endorsement
  • Identity Theft Insurance

Get an insurance policy in the time it takes to microwave your dinner.

That’s right, go ahead and try it. You’ll have your insurance before that microwave dings with your ready-to-eat pizza pocket. Simply answer a few easy questions (so we can get to know your insurance profile) and receive an instant quote you can buy in just a click of button.